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Web Design

As a company with a strong track record of success, VGIT recognized the need to refresh their online presence with a bold and modern website that would stand out in the government contractor space. We created a website that communicates their value proposition more effectively and improves their online presence.  

The challenge

The primary challenge was to create an edgy, modern, and attention-grabbing website while still providing clarity and ease of use to their target audience. They wanted to appeal to a broader audience and communicate their value proposition more effectively. We helped them revamp their online presence while maintaining the integrity of their brand.  

In addition to revamping VGIT’s visual identity, the agency also helped the company refine their messaging to be more accessible to a broader audience. They recrafted VGIT’s content to make it more understandable and actionable, helping to improve the user experience and drive engagement.  

We continue to provide VGIT with ongoing digital and print marketing content creation services, allowing VGIT to stay ahead of the curve and maintain their edge in the competitive government contractor space.  


The new website and marketing efforts significantly improved VGIT’s online presence, driving increased traffic and engagement. The reworked messaging was more straightforward and more accessible, helping to drive engagement and conversions.  

Our efforts allow VGIT to remain a leader in the government contractor space and continue to grow their business.  

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