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GoWell Benefits

Branding Web Design

GoWell wanted us to build an intuitive and modern website that would integrate conversion tools and marketing videos to showcase their product, an automated benefits enrollment platform.  

Winning new business

Their primary challenge was to develop a user-friendly website that would improve their online presence and attract new customers.  

Our initial focus was on creating a modern and visually engaging user interface that would provide a superior user experience. A bright and refreshing color palette created a welcoming feel and improved the overall user experience. 

Added functionality

Additionally, we implemented conversion tools such as contact forms, scheduling tools, and call-to-actions (CTAs) to assist in the lead generation process. These tools have helped streamline the sales process and allow potential customers to easily inquire about GoWell’s services. Furthermore, we included marketing videos that demonstrated GoWell’s product and the benefits that it offers to clients. 


The new website and marketing efforts improved GoWell’s online presence, driving an increase in traffic and leads. The combination of modern design, intuitive user experience, and engaging marketing content helped create a 900% increase in webinar sign-ups. With the new website, GoWell was able to reduce the time it takes to respond to inquiries, as the conversion tools provide a quick and efficient way to capture lead information. 

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