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As a business-owner, it is essential that you keep up to speed with tools and innovations that the marketing world has to offer to grow your business and get the word about your product out to your potential customers. 

In the ever-changing realm of marketing this is a labor-intense task that could cost you hours of your day. From entering leads manually into your CRM to following up with potential clients via a hand-drafted email, there are many tasks that can be done through an automated process to increase productivity and ultimately land you more clients.  

We have put together a list of three processes we think you should automate today to make your life easier.  

  1. Lead capture: Capturing leads is an essential part of the sales process. It is the last step during lead generation, and the goal is to get your potential customer’s contact information to later convert them into a full-on client. CRMs such as HubSpot or Capsule can be integrated to your website by your marketing team, and help you get to know the people who are interested in what you are offering. Imagine entering every single person’s name, email address, phone number, and other personal information you want to gather, manually into your contact management system – it takes time and will cost you nerves to do this by hand. By integrating a lead capturing tool to your website, you can to focus on managing your leads after they are captured in a way more efficient way since you will be able to focus on this part of the process. Be done wasting time trying to collect and unify data across channels and platforms.  
  2. Email Marketing: Your customers love personalization, and we get it. Who doesn’t love an email that is specifically addressed to them and written in a way that resonates with that person? That doesn’t mean you have to write every single email by hand, like a love letter to your high school sweetheart. By automating your email marketing campaigns you can target specific customer groups, personalize it so it resonates with their interests, and manage to stay in touch with them in frequent intervals without flooding their email inbox.  Email marketing channels like HubSpotMailchimp, or Email Octopus offer free tools to help you automate your email marketing campaigns and make it easy for you and your marketing team to manage client communication, and help you to cost-effectively improve your customer retention rate by making an effort to sell to your existing customers vs. new leads. 
  3. FAQ Chat Bot: No matter how clear your website represents your product or service offering, your leads will come to you with questions. One way to save your inbox from the same question being asked repeatedly is the integration of a FAQ chat bot to your website. It makes it easy for potential customers to ask a question and to get in touch with you through a simple feature on your website. Drift offers an easy to use chat bot feature that will help your website conversion rates to improve and offer a positive customer experience.   

Integrating these features into your website will help automate your customer engagement. Take advantage of them today by modernizing your website. For more information on how we can help, take a look at our offerings, visit our website today. 

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